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My writing journey begins!

Last updated on 22/06/2023

So I should probably tell you a little about myself before we embark on this journey of exploring the art of writing and story creation.

A bit about me

At the time of writing this piece I am 26 years old. I haven’t always wanted to be a writer and surprisingly that only came about in the latter part of my life once I had finished highschool. It was only then that I had the slight thought of a story that could deserve to be out in the world.

I have currently finished 2 degrees at university, the first a bachelor of arts where I majored in philosophy and minored in both criminology and history. It was during this degree that I really got into writing, I took quite a few classes which stoked the flame of my desire to write what I had stuck in my head. The second degree I completed a couple of years later after I had travelled. This one was a master of arts in creative writing and literature, where I specialised in creative writing.

Work in progress

I am currently in the process of creating my debut novel. It is a lot harder to create something from nothing. In this process I had to create and entire world for my novel to take place within. This story that I have created, want to stretch out over several books and with the possibility of having other storylines branch out form the main novels.

I’m sure you are now wondering what kind of novel it is is going to be. It is going to be a sci-fi novel set several hundred years in the future, it will still take place in the milky way with Humans playing a pivotal role throughout the novels storyline.

The first paragraphs of my debut novel. As you can see it is very much still in the creation phase as I am having to go back through and edit certain sections to make a cohesive piece for everyone to read.

You might also notice that it starts in chapter two. This is because I have a small prologue at the beginning which I called chapter one but it is merely a placeholder chapter whilst I create the rest of the story.

But that is all you are going to know for now as I still want to leave some of the story as a surprise for down the track

The nitty gritty

Now on to the part you are probably wondering about. What can I expect out of the writers blog is a fair question to be asking yourself. I intend on writing one blog post at least every fortnight, the day on which this will come out is still in the works, I want to choose a day that will be most consistent for you, my readers. I will be writing informative posts about tips and tricks of writing and how to better your writing. Along with various writing prompts where you can see a small snippet of my response to those prompts.

The overall plan is to create a platform to help everyone become a better writer and to make your stories matter.

I hope that you enjoy all of the posts that I make. It is also my wish that these posts will help to inspire you to venture out on your own writing journey. If it does do this do not hesitate for one moment to let me know because hearing that would be like music to my ears.

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